Last Saturday.........

You know there are those Saturday's that are just about perfect. A Saturday when our bug lets mama and daddy sleep in.  A lazy coffee in pyjamas and some haphazard, put together, but so yummy breakfast.  Then a phone call from our besties (who we see totally not enough of) with the invitation to come down to Cronulla.  This little family LOVES Cronulla.  If we could afford it we would buy a little house near the beach, and spend way too much money on eating out and getting coffee.

So, it was down to Cronulla.  We met at Grind.  A coffee house that is kinda famous, and has the BEST coffee in the Shire.  Then it was a lazy lunch in the sunshine,  meeting more friends for an afternoon stroll, a play in the playground, and more coffee.
A quick trip to vinnies, which is so tiny, but so full of little treasures.

What an awesome day!  Here are some snapshots.

Oh my goodness, that dress!!  What a beauty!  Imagine the balls that dress went to.......

That evening we went to Ross's cousin Amy's 21st.  Gorgeous decorations, yummy food and ice cream cupcakes!!  Oh and that phone, which we didn't think even existed anymore.  Oh, and a selfie, cause sometimes I'm just that girl :)

What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday?  I'd love to know

Love Lil xx

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  1. Hi Lil, I've been given the Liebster award and I've nominated you again. No pressure to pass it on, but it's a little different this time. Here's the link to my post on it:

    1. Hey Fran! Thanks for nominating me again :) I have copied the questions and rules and will answer them and post over the weekend. Am really enjoying your blog posts lately! Am going to check out some of the other blogs you mentioned. Thanks Again! Lil x

  2. I'm still waiting for our 8 month old to sleep until 7 at least. Our year old wakes at 7 but the 8 month old wakes up as early as 5:45. eeehhh.


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    1. Hi Amy! We might get to sleep in, but getting him to go to bed by 7.30pm at night is another story. Our gusbug is a bit of a party animal at night time. Ah well, can't have it both ways I guess! Thanks for stopping by! Am about to check out your blog. Lil x