A Productive Day

Today was one of those days when we got s*#t done!  I love those days, don't you?
I always daydream that I will spend all day on the couch, watching foxtel, drinking coffee, eating yum, naughty food, but being busy, 
and up early is really better, isn't it.
After walking up to the local coffee ( insert hipster) shop, we hopped in the car drove to Bunnings 
(where Gus slept!!!- ahh that blissful hour when you can wander at your leisure)
spent too much money on plants and then took a rested Gus to the park for a run around.

 Things that happened at the park:  1. Gus had a ball and pretended to be a pirate, we realised that the park is awesome 
(good equipment and good view) and I fell, and I mean fell off a swing for the first time in my life.  Ross laughed for a good 5 minutes.

Then it was home to plant the plants and hang stuff up on the wall.
I've got some photos to share of our dining room area if you would like to have a sticky.
I'm really happy with how it has turned out and is the first room in our house that fells finished. 
(this is our 3rd year in our home.  Procrastinator much?)

All the furniture and knick knacks have been collected over time and sort of just ended up together in this room.  The Parker phone table, sideboard and fold down desk are all thrifted and there is a list below if your interested of where we got everything else.

Yellow Vase - Target (no longer available)
Small Candle - Kikki K (no longer available)

I'm so glad that we have waited and decorated and put together a room that we absolutely love!  
Colourful, bright and happy, I can't wait to spend more time in there with my little family.

What's your favourite room?

Love Lil xx

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  1. Your home is looking gorgeous Lil. Well done xx

  2. Coooooool place, Lil. And productive days are my absolute favourites - which I sometimes need reminding about when I forget and think that lazing days are my favourites... x

  3. This looks great, Linley, just beautiful. Thanks for linking up xx

  4. I love your decor! The wire baskets and hello piece are perfection!

  5. Oh I love your space especially your sideboard. It's gorgeous!