Op Shop Show and Tell #3

I had quite a few little op shopping adventures over the last week.  The op shop crew (My sister, the Gusbug and myself) went to the Vinnies at Caringbah for the first time, and unfortunately didn't come out with any treasures.  But, the store is very clean and well maintained.  So, it was back to our local (Sutherland Vinnies).  We even stopped in at a Garage Sale across the street. The Garage Sale was a part of the annual Garage Sale Trail.  The ladies there had some lovely vintage Nick knacks but we left with only a bag of ANZAC biscuits (Yummo by the way!)

Sutherland Vinnies is so well maintained by the staff and volunteers.  And has the BEST furniture section I have ever seen at an op shop.  They have just installed a 'vintage' display at the front of the store with mid-century furniture and vintage tea-cups etc.

I walked out with a Babar book for the Bug for a sweet $1.00

I have loved Babar for ever.  I used to love watching the cartoons when I was little and Gus already loves the book too.

It seems at the moment that all I thrift are books.  I had forgotten about this though.

I bought this book in Tasmania, when we had a short stopover in the town of Ross.  That little town has the MOST amazing antique stores!  Anne of Green Gables is my favourite childhood book.
So, I was beyond excited when I found this in the back corner of the store.  

And the 1925 edition no less! It cost me $10.00

I adore the fact the the front cover is scribbled in.  Just imagine the lovely Rosemary or Kitty that owned it and loved it before me.
It now sits pride of place on my bedside table.

How about you? Did you find any op shoppy goodness last week?

P.S - If you love op shop/thrifted treasures, link up here where people share what they have found every week.

Love Lil xx

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  1. How exiting for you to find the vintage Anne book - I live in Ontario now but Prince Edward Island, where the Anne books are set, is my home, born and bred there... It's as beautiful as it's described in the books...

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have loved Prince Edward Island ever since I first saw the movie when I was 6. It is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (but never been to) One Day................x

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  3. How I loved watching Babar as a child - one of my favourite cartoons that's for sure, certainly brought back so many memories seeing that book!

    1. I know!! It is so great that we can share things that we loved with our kids and they love it to! They play Babar on ABC 2 every day. Perks of a stay at home mumma :0

  4. 1925! omg. sweet scores and lucky you!

    have a great weekend!!