New Ikea catalogue means......

New loves from IKEA


So, the new ikea catalogue came in the mail last night!   You know what that meant?  Husband cooked dinner and I poured through it like my life depended on it!
This happens every year without fail.  I just love that Big Swedish Super Store!
I love their design, I love that you can get dinner for our family of three for under $20, and I love, love, love their cinnamon scrolls!

I'm absolutely lusting over their new STOCKHOLM range.  It must play with my mid century design heart strings.  Clean lines, colourful and great prices as always.
Also that No.3, that little side table that was the first ever flat packed product of Ikea in 1955.  That has to be mine!  I'm thinking new bedside table?

Do you look forward to the Ikea catalogue as much as I do?

Love Lil xx

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  1. It seems like everyone is obsessed with Ikea lately. I was talking to my mom on the phone about this new catalog. Apparently it made her want to buy a new house just so she could decorate it! I'm going to have to find a copy!


  2. I am the same - so excited when I get the new catalogue. I've already gone through it a few times and found many many things I need/want.


  3. i loove ikea :)

    hi from your new follower :)

    Anna xx
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