The one where we go to the Australian Museum

This was Gus at the museum, like the whole time!  We were so excited to take him to see the Dinosaurs!  We had it all planned out.  He would run around, pointing at all the different types of skeletons, calling them all Buddy and Tiny (Dinosaur Train) and we could get some cute pics and he would LOVE it...........FAIL.

Gus was so excited on the train (sorry, 'Mumma it's Dinosaur Train') eating his little donut treat and pointing things out to Ross on the way.  He chatted to us and pointed to us some more on the walk through Hyde Park, but as soon as we entered those grand old doors of the Museum....ZZZZZZZZ.  Out like a light.
Usually Ross and I do a happy dance when Gus naps, but the one day we are jumping out of our skin excited to take him somewhere new?  He crashes.

I haven't been to the Australian Museum since a school trip back in the early 90s.  And you know what?  It hasn't changed.  Ross and I walked around with Mr Sleepy sleeperson for 2 whole hours.  We got to see skeletons and rocks and stuffed birds.  I'm usually a massive museum girl.  Like I'm the boring one that looks at everything and reads every description.
But even I couldn't get into it.  The cafe saved us for the last hour with lattes and banana bread.

Finally the bug woke from his slumber and we practically raced up to the second floor so Gus could witness the wonder of the Dinosaurs.  First thing he sees, a stuffed Sabertooth Tiger and he screams and I mean SCREAMS the place down.  He spent the rest of our visit clinging to either Ross or I with his head in our necks. 

Here's a few grainy iphone photos of our 'interesting' time at the Museum.

^Just in case I forget what a funnel web looks like over summer! (scaredy cat mum)^

The rest of our afternoon was awesome though, I have to admit.  We strolled down to the Opera House, realised it was way too touristy and then wandered around the Rocks markets for a few hours.  Oh, how I love a good market!  So many great stalls and I also got to enjoy a Rock's market institution, Corn on the cob on a stick!  Yum, yum buttery, salty goodness!

Gus got to ride on the Dinosaur Train again (city rail) and made friends with pretty much any passenger that sat near us on the way home.  God did he crash that night though, a sign of a successful day out for any 2 year old.

Oh and here is a pic of Gus as a tiger, cause its adorable any way you look at it!

Did you ever have plans in your head that didn't quite turn out the way you thought they would?

Love Lil xx

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  1. Oh no! That was a little bit of a disaster. Maybe when he's a bit older, he'll enjoy it more.

    We took our son to the Canberra Zoo when he was one and he slept the entire time as well. lol.