A Bright little Bedside Makeover

The humble bedside table is something that I have always taken for granted.  It's always there like a reliable friend, holding your books, and empty coffee cups and the latest toddler toy obsession.  I only really thought about my table yesterday when I stumbled across a blue lacquered tray from Kmart for the CRAZY price of $8.  I couldn't wait to come home and give my forgotten friend a little makeover.

So here are the before and after pics.  I'm really happy with the result.  Cheap and Cheerful just the way I like it!

(I managed to clean the vegemite marks and dust off first) The trusty table is from IKEA
purchased after what seemed like the longest amount of time you can ever look for a bedside table!  The lamp is from Freedom.  They were impulse purchase after we decided you couldn't get funky lamps anywhere else for $29!

So I added the tray and..........

Voila!  Instant bright happy bedside table!

It's not cluttered, it doesn't have crumbs all over it.  I'm in love!

The wooden box is something I inherited (stole) from my mum a long time ago,  the tray holds the two pieces of jewellery (other than my wedding rings) that I wear most often, my Michael Kors watch and my Oroton Bracelet.
For the record I am trying to read 3 books at the moment.  
Bonkers by the hilarious Jennifer Saunders,  The Vouge Factor by Kristy Clements and a cute craft book that I probably won't make anything from. You know wonder woman multitasking!

My dream of having a colourful, bright bedroom is slowly coming true!  Just ask the pillows.

Now to just tackle the husband's side of the bed!

Love Lil xx

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  1. I am really loving the colours. Those pillows are amazing. Nice transformation. - Glenda

  2. What a fun way to transform the bedside table! I love the colours :-)