Life Lately

So if you can't tell from the photo dump above.  July is birthday month in the Culbert household!  Angus turned 3 and husband he put it twenty eleven.
We celebrated with balloons, donuts and a little pirate on Gus's day and with family on Ross's. (and a party hat Gruffalo.  a new obbsession in this house)  'terrible teeth in his terrible jaws' ha!

A bit of a look at what I do at my day job. Love me a good day of merchandising!

That's my bestie up there.  Doing what she does best.  Being fabulous!

We celebrated our bestie's housewarming yesterday.  They are officially homeowners!
Woohoo!  So proud of them.  That's the four of us.  In 2008.  Looking all young and stuff.

And, I got to enjoy the rareness which is the bug falling asleep on me.  Love, love love!
Little snores.  (insert heart bursting)

Looking forward to a new week! How about you?

Love Lil xx 

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