Time For A Change

If you have happened to visit my little space before, you might have noticed that we have had ourselves a name change over here.  Lil and Hubby is no longer.  I mean Lil and Hubby are still very much together but the name didn't really suit where I wanted this blog to go, or what I had to share on it.  I will still be sharing pictures of both Husband and Gus but I want to share 'The Splendid Things' too.  Things that make my heart sing, whether it be fashion, advice, amazing interiors.....whatever is SPLENDID.

It took me a while to decide on the name 'splendid', I mean when you first think of something being 'splendid' you immediately think of the finer things in life......lush interiors, an amazing handbag, the perfect LBD.  But, after a while I realised that 'splendid' to me means anything that makes your world a better place.  It could be fresh flowers on the table, or a silly pic you find that your cheeky toddler took on your phone.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

Love Lil xx

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