A Little Catch Up

I've been absent from my little space on the net.  I have wanted to come and type and share, but there has been a big shift in our lives.  I went back to full time work 6 weeks ago.  We have all had to get used to a different routine, being super organised and not seeing our Gusbug so much.  He is having a blast every single day with his cousins Ava and Mia and his Granny and Auntie Bec.
It feels good to be back.  I was getting a bit gaga at home every single day.  But, working 10 hours a day takes away time that I used to have to commit to this little space.  I have missed it!

I thought I would share a few snap shots of what we have been up to lately.

My Boys.  This was on Ross's birthday. Gus is wearing his new 'Giggle and Hoot' Dressing gown. He would wear always (if we let him)

Some op shop treasures that were admired but not brought home.  And a certain some one's op shop face. 'Really Mumma, Again?'

Cooking the flattest choc chip cookies in the world.
Enjoying a little mama/blog catch up/late lunch time.
My first piece of amber ware.  It's lovely.
Flattest cookies before devouring began.

Road trip to Bathurst the weekend before I went back to work.
The Bug charming a whole restaurant with his sweet facials.
My sis being creative and having a bit too much fun with Gus's blocks.
Just about the best Vegetable Khorma that I have ever had.  And I made it (shock horror)

Back burning in the Royal National Park that scarily resembled the real thing.  Our little house was filled with the smoke.
That blissful hour when the bug is asleep and the house is tidy. Blogs, coffee and maybe a wee bit of chocolate.  Bliss.
Look at that orchid and amber ware vase and that sunshine.  

A family afternoon spent in Manly.
Bug having the time of his life at Ikea and trying to share chips and be best friends with the little boy behind him.  He is such a friendly, happy and cheeky little boy :)

A day spent in the afternoon sunshine and in the company of the BEST people.  Eating too much hummus and beans.  Wendy's garden has to be seen to be believed!  It is magical.

So that is what has been going on in our neck of the woods.  Work, work work.  Gus is growing like a weed and walking.  Like proper walking!!  We are going up the coast this weekend with our Best Friends.  I can't wait for sunshine and long lazy lunches and laughter.  What have you been up to lately?  Would love to know.  Love Lil xx  

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  1. Hi Linley,
    I really enjoy reading your blog about your lovely little family. Angus is growing so fast, he looks like such a happy smiley child. Can't decide if he looks more like you or Ross. Is that a curl I see in his hair?
    Angela (our baby) is here with us at the moment and we are enjoying seeing her, even though she is only here for 3 weeks.
    Enjoy your weekend away relaxing with your friends.
    Love Joy xx

  2. Hello from The TT Diaries. Your son is adorable, and I love the rooster pic. I am a big rooster fan they are all over my kitchen :) I have to give you props for going back to work full time I have done it before and it so hard. I hope it all comes together nicely for you. P.S. I am a new follower.

  3. I'm glad things are going well. Going back to full time is a big change. Stay healthy! xx

  4. A cute blog you have here! I have to admit, it's refreshing whenever I find a fellow Australian on here!

    I hope the transition back to work has not been too gruelling for you and your family.
    Sal x

  5. Your newest follower from the BBN new bloggers group! Welcome! and I hope you pass along the blogger karma and check out others blogs :D

    I love your teapot by the way!