Op Shop Show and Tell #7

Hi thrifty friends!  I have to say that it hasn't really been a winning week (in thrift land).  For the first time my local Vinnies didn't come up with the goods.  Or, all the goods have already been bought.  It was sooo busy when I went.  Racks were empty and people hunting for treasures everywhere!

I came out with two little finds, and spied some vintage goodness that hopefully some lucky person went home with.

The Australian classic, The Magic Pudding was $2.00 and in perfect condition.  It smells like the books of my childhood, takes me back to bedtime stories instantly!

Pink, neon and gold bangle for $4.00.  I am seeing this colour everywhere at the moment.  Will be on high rotation in spring.

This red, vintage beauty case was $12.00 and was in pretty good condition.  I hope it went to a happy home!

And this lamp.  Oh it was retro-tastic!  It was $20.00.  In hindsight should have snagged it up cause when hubby saw the photo he said he would have loved it for his bedside table.  I'm sure it was gone within minutes of me leaving.

Hope I have more luck next week!  Am linking up here with Sophie from Her Library Adventures and here with Liz at the Blue Eyed Owl.  There were SO many amazing finds last week.  Can't wait to have a look at all the new treasures this week.

Love Lil xx

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  1. That lamp is fabulous! I have a fake one kind of like it!

  2. Such great findings! The lamp is lovely!

  3. that lamp really is incredible... but the price would have had me saying buh-bye as well. =(
    great eye for spotting that bangle. and all of my regular readers know how much i love the smell of old books. well done.

  4. Hey there, thanks for sharing your treasures with us at Cap Creations. We love having you! That lamp is so fun!

  5. Great train case. I found two Lady Baltimore suitcases at a antique store and was hoping to find the matching sea foam green train case as well but that's harder than it seems. But I guess thrifting and antiquing is much more fun when you find something you aren't looking for. What is that called serendipity? love that word. XD