Being Your Mama........

I remember the first time I held you.  I was still so groggy from surgery, but as soon as I felt your warm skin and sweet baby breath, everything became clear, even if just for a moment.  
I was your mama, I was a mother.  And you were all mine.

The first few days of your life were stressful, but you were perfect and it made all the pain and uncertainty fade because we got to take you home.

Everything is worth it.  The 4am wake up call for bonjela, the baby spew, the whingey cry when you're tired.....This is all worth it, and pales in comparison to all the amazing, funny, sweet, new and loving things you do every day.

I really thought that I couldn't love you more than I did when I first met you, but I love you a hundred times more than that now, and will love you more tomorrow.

Gus, you are by far the best thing that I have ever made.
Thanks for letting me be your Mummy.

I love you 

Mama xx

P.S - Happy belated Mother's Day to everyone that gets called Mum, Mummy, Mama.  And especially to my Mama, who taught me everything I know.  I had a rocking first Mother's Day and got spoilt rotten!

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  1. Oh he is just adorable!! Happy belated Mother's Day! :)

  2. Congratulations, he is the cutest!