My First Mother's Day - A little wish list

My Mother's Day Wishlist

Um, I'm a little bit excited........It is my first bonafide Mother's Day on Sunday!  I was 8 months pregnant with the Bug last Mother's Day, so didn't really celebrate it (even though my sweet husband bought me awesome boots to mark the occasion) I can't wait for this Sunday.
It's not at all about the gifts.  I just want to spend the day with my little family.  But.....I girl's got to dream doesn't she :)

If I got one of these items I would be super stoked.  All 7, well I would be doing cartwheels!

1. Kitchen Timer It is so retro looking and a steal at $14.95.  Plus our Kitchen timer on the stove doesn't work.

2. This Coat I have been crushing on this cream loveliness for a long time.  It is perfect.

3. This Box Set One of my all time favourite comedies.  My funny bone is firmly located in BBC English comedy.  This, Jam and Jerusalem and The Vicar of Dibley.

4. This Shirt I will get one of these shirts!  Will look so good with coloured jeans.

5. THE Watch I am in love, and when I go back to work.  It will be mine.

6. The Iphone case Have been searching for one, have liked a lot but I LOVE this one.  Another back to work purchase.

7. This coin purse It is little, vintage inspired and could hold all my loose change. Tick, tick and tick.

How about you? Do you have a little wish list for Mother's day? Or are you buying your mamma something extra special?

I know the Bug is too little to remember, but I am going to hug on him extra hard on Sunday.  Cause he just makes everything better and brighter!

Love Lil xx

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