So excited!

I know this is childish and I shouldn't care, but I have a follower!! I really did want to share this first year with others so I am just smiling stupidly to myself right now! So...Weekend recap:
I actually got to spend time with hubby over the weekend! Was awesome just to have brekkie together and hang out (albeit both with electronic devices in front of us in the loungeroom -me a laptop, him a new iPad!) We are both in love with technology right now. Then did some shopping with the girls and met up with the boys for lunch (In Miranda Fair food court- so elegant :) )
Saturday night was spent in front of the heater and TV, again with the laptop and iPad! Found some really great crafty type websites that I can't wait to sink my teeth into when I get the time.
Sunday was spent cooking up a storm for Hubby's family. We had leek and corn chowder (which I will be sharing the recipe for! And coconut curry and butter chicken. All family were very impressed and VERY full :) Top it off with warm carrot and walnut cake and you have one very happy family. I love my new family!!!
So off to work now, one week left of refit, and then I have new store to play with and love.
Hubby is off today and very much enjoying laying on couch in PJs watching midday TV
Post soon
much love Lil xx

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