Our Lazy Afternoon

I had grand plans for our afternoon.  A walk, a massive vat of coffee and maybe even some thrifting.
This all changed when I decided to make Beef Strog in the slow cooker.  Is there anything better than the smell of a slow cooked meal wafting through the house, especially when the weather is a bit questionable outside?

So, I decided that we needed to stay in, to tend on the strog of course.  And thus began the gusbug's and my lazy afternoon.

The slow cooker in action.  A quote I just found that has already become a favourite and a knitting project that I really need to finish.

Gus and I played and played and read and played some more, and then a certain someone had a little time out.

I then used the 'time out' to have a browse through the latest shop, have my daily afternoon coffee date with my Sis, eat way too many rock cakes and then I sat my butt on the couch to watch some friends goodness for the millionth time.

I love a relaxing lazy afternoon, don't you?

Love Lil xx

P.S -  I'll let you know how the strog turned out!

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  1. I love a relaxing afternoon too. And I also spent my afternoon relaxing and watching Friends. So good!!!
    XO Samantha

  2. Looks like a lovely afternoon! You have a wonderful blog here.