My Matt Blatt Wishlist.

My Matt Blatt Wishlist

We are in the VERY early stages of redecorating here at the Culbert house.  
For a long time we have favoured the dark massive furniture from Balinese stores.
It is outdated and does not suit us or our home any longer.  We have light grey floor boards and white walls calling out for a mid century, light and colourful make over.

So, step in Matt Blatt.  I love, like EVERY piece in their collection.  I could take up residence in their showroom.  But fortunately for us, that showroom in Leichhart is closing down (they are moving to a bigger and better one in Alexandria) so we are heading over there tomorrow for their massive closing down sale.  I hope that everything on my little wish list is there and waiting to be snapped up.

I'll keep you updated on our progress (and our purchases)

Love Lil xx

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