Girls Day

Had the best day today with my two sister in laws and Bec's new twins Ava and Mia! We didn't really do anything exciting, just went shopping, had lunch and had like a million people ooh and ahh over Ava and Mia. I mean they are ridiculously cute :) It was really good just to spend time together and be girly. I hardly ever get to do that. So, It was an awesome day!!!!!! So am sitting on the couch blogging waiting for my very cute husband to get home from work. I'm sick of missing him! Going to see Toy story 3 tonight! DATE NIGHT! I don't care that I am 28 and married and am going to see a 'children's' movie. Disney/Pixar rocks!!! I love animation. So I am excited and happy and tired Will try to upload some photos tomorrow from the Iphone. Still trying to work out how to get them from the Iphone to the PC. Am so computer aliterate.

Much love, Lil xxx

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  1. Hi Linley...Congratulations on your new marriage! It's a very exciting time in hubby and I just celebrated our 4 yr wedding anniversary, now have a 2 yr old and I love my little family too bits. Thanks for visiting our blog.... and I love your blog background!