Gus's first christmas tree!

So...It's Gus's first christmas and we are so excited about it!  Throw in the mix that we have just bought our first home and are about to move (a whole other blog post) we decided to leave the big, and I mean big christmas tree until the new house and just set up this little one.  Gus didn't seem to mind though and loved the twinkly lights and shiny ornaments!
We are also without a tripod at the moment so these photos are taken from the camera sitting on top of a speaker :)

Gussy putting the star on top!
A family pic

And my favourite family photo so far!

We hope that you are all enjoying the holiday season so far!.....Only 3 weeks to go :)

Love Us xx

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  1. Such lovely photos! I love the new blog banner too! Oh, and thanks for the lovely comment about my wreath! x