So.....I know I am a bit late in jumping on the #janphotoaday bandwagon on twitter/instagram, but I LOVE it!!! These are my photos so far:

Day 17: Water

Day 18 : Something I bought

Day 19: Sweet (what is sweeter than Gus?)

Told you I was late.  The simple photo sharing idea was started by www.fatmumslim.com.au and it has attracted hundreds of thousands of photos.
If you are on twitter or instagram have a look for the hash tag, I bet the photos will make your day brighter! I will be posting every photo that I take for the rest of January. If you are interested here is the list of the remaining days, in case you want to be a late bloomer like me :)

17. Water
18. Something you bought
19. Sweet
20. Someone you love
21. Reflection
22. Your shoes
23. Something old
24. Guilty Pleasure
25. Something you made
26. Colour
27. Lunch
28. Light
29. Inside your fridge
30. Nature
31. You, Again 

Love Lil xx 

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