A million years ago it seems, when I first found out we were having a boy, the only disappointment I felt (every other part of my was jumping for joy!) was that I was going to miss out on the never ending choice and cuteness that is little girls fashion.

Well, you know what?  After nearly 2 years of dressing my little dude I can safely say that dressing a boy is AWESOME!!!  No, there aren't the trillions of colour choices of little frilly leggings and dresses and headbands. Instead I have realised that  Boys clothes are cool and funky and edgy.

I have really enjoyed shopping for Gus in preparation for Winter and thought that I would share some of my favourite finds so far.  And they are all cheap and cheerful!

One: Moustache print Sweatshirt from Mango.  (Best and Less)  An amazing $8.00.

Two: Sock Monkey Beanie and Glove set from Kmart.  $9.00.  Oh my goodness Gus just looks the cutest in this!

Three:  Elroy Jetson Print Sweat from Cotton ON Kids. $29.92.  A bit pricier but I just couldn't go past the print and colour.  Plus Elroy was always my favourite on the Jetsons!

Four:  Print Leggings from Bonds. (Big W) $13.92.  I can't wait to pair these with a vintage tee and his high top connies.

Five:  Green High Top Converse $40 (from the Converse Store at Birkenhead Point).  I know, a lot to spend on kid's shoes when they grow out of them in seconds, but these were on special and they are high tops and Converse.  I know it is all about the moccasin these days, but give me an all star any day!

What have been some of your favourite finds for your littles?  I would love to know!

Love Lil xx

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