Easy as A B C


Just thought I would share some of the cute things I found for Gus while browsing some of my favourite online stores today.

A is for this crazy cute Letterman sweater from Cotton On Kids.
B is for these amazing jeans and BRACES :) also from Cotton on Kids.  ( They are on a roll this Winter for little boys fashion)
and C is for the Chambray Shirt I got for a steal ($16) from Charlie & Me.  (P.S Charlie & Me has a 20% off flash sale this weekend!)

I have had such a great day hanging with my little man, playing Lego and watching 'Wreck it Ralph'.  Love me a day off during the week!

A is also for Anzac Day.  I have been feeling just a little solemn all day and thinking of all those who fought, lost their lives or a still fighting for this Amazing country of ours.

Lest We Forget.

Love Lil xx

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