Tassie Adventures Part 1

 Last weekend Ross and I were lucky enough to escape down to Tasmania for a few days.
 Gus got to spend some quality time with my parents up in Bathurst.  It was the first time that Ross and I have spent more than one night away from our Bug, but we got to spend a few much needed days together, relaxing, eating and SLEEPING IN!

We flew into Hobart quite early, picked up the rental car and headed to our Hotel (The Rydges Hobart) ran around the hotel room like excited kids and then headed down to the Hobart institution 'The Salamanca Markets'.  I have been looking forward to trawling the stalls for some time.  Handmade, fresh produce and vintage all in one place!

It was FREEZING! it was wet, and did I mention freezing.  We popped into a warm, toasty pub to have lunch way earlier than we normally would just to get out of the rain.  The markets were still really good to wander through.  I bought the cutest vintage felt hat to cover my frozen ears and a personalised puzzle for Gus.

                // The stalls between downpours.  So pretty under all the autumn leaves //

               // A quick walk up to Myer to buy beanies and gloves and scarves, Oh my! //

And because we weren't quite cold enough we decided to drive up to Mt Wellington.  We wound up the road watching the temp fall from 11 to 7 to 3.  At about 2 degrees and 5 kms from the summit we noticed it was starting to rain.  But the rain wasn't wet, it was icy, it was snow!!  This was kind of excited because my husband has never seen snow, never.
I have never seen him jump out of the car so quick, taking photos and trying to catch the snow in his hands.  When he got back in the car his cheeks were frozen, but his smile was awesome!

      // The temp outside just before we got out at the summit. Us two smiling like idiots. //

                     // The SNOW!!! //

                                   // More snow. //

                  // Have you ever seen such happiness when your absolutely freezing?  //

 // I grew up in Bathurst, where the normal winter temp is about 4 degrees, and I have never
     been as cold as I was standing right there.  Maybe leather leggings weren't the best idea    
     for Tassie? //

Our views on the way back down the mountain.  Rainbows always make me smile.

Thank God that our Hotel room had a spa, where we spent the next hour defrosting.

Part 2 tomorrow. (I felt like I was scrolling and scrolling with all the pics in one post)

Love Lil xx

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  1. beautiful photo's! never seen snow?! then it must've been a wonderful experience :D

  2. I think the coldest I've ever been was on Mt Wellington as well! Aren't the views just incredible from the top?! Xx