Tassie Adventure Part 2

Our second day in Tassie was awesome.  We spent the night before in the hotel, having drinks at the bar and then an AMAZING dinner by the warmth of an open fire.

   // I got to sleep in till 10am.  That's right 10am.  ( I know, unheard of).
      Got a few quick snaps of the view from our hotel room and then it was off to Richmond
       for coffee and thrifty browsing.//

    // Our transport for the weekend :) //

 // The oldest bridge in all of Oz.  1823.  They really don't build things like they used to.//

    // The gorgeous little village of Richmond.  It is very 'English'. //

     // Us xx //

// We visited the miniature village of 1820's Hobart.  I thought it would be lame, but it was surprisingly fun and informative.  And I thought this romp in the haystack was hilarious! //

          // Sometimes the best lunch is Pumpkin Soup and crusty bread at the local Pub! //

The view of Pirates Bay on the way to Port Arthur.  

It was such a wonderful day.  It was so great to just meander and potter around the antique and home ware shops, coffee in one hand, your loves hand in the other.

Mini Breaks are kind of the best aren't they?

Sharing some eerie photos from the ghost tour tomorrow.

Love Lil xx

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