Our Great Friday

I know that all easter posts are pretty much done and dusted, but I'm going to share a few pics from our good friday. (Also known as sleep in, lounge around, eat carbs day)

\\ Required selfie on the drive, cause I had straight hair and the moment needed to be captured! \\

\\ After sleeping in, playing with toys, watching some Wiggles we headed down to the Woronora River to have our Vegetarian meal (It was good friday after all) my boys waiting for said meal to be cooked. \\

\\ Our feast for the day!  Potato, Potato and more potato!  And some coke thrown in for good measure.  Health nuts we are not. //

// Not a shabby view for our carb feast! //

\\ We then headed to the airport for some plane watching and Krispy Kreme Coffee (we vote them the best for take away coffees) Husband and Gus watch planes, Mama checks Instagram. \\

\\ Polka dot maxi skirt also needed to be documented.  This face needed to be captured too.\\

\\ My big boy xx \\

\\ Trying to get a perfect 'Thelma and Louise'.  Failing \\

\\ My favourite.  My loves.\\

Gosh it was nice to spend the day doing nothing.  Eating, laughing and being together.

I hope that you got to do the same!

Love Lil xx

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