Photo Booth Fun

This was our first photo booth experience.  I know they are kind of common place in the States but they are just becoming a 'thing' in Australia.  My dear friend Kate hired one for her 30th Birthday.  Oh my gosh it was SO much fun!!  I have known the people in these photos since we were 18 and that's exactly what we were acting like. Ha!
We kept jumping in the line and thinking what idea we could come up with, or what prop we could use.  It was kind of the best!

We each got to keep a copy of the photos we took.  The've been sitting on our fridge for the last 2 weeks and although they have been making me smile every time that I sneak a piece of chocolate, I wanted somewhere more permanent for them.  
I decided to frame them together instead of individually and I kind of love how they look.

I think they were exactly what was missing from our little side table.
What a lovely reminder of what wonderful, crazy, special friends we have!
We are such dorks!

Love Lil xx

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