Changing It Up

Are you a dabbler? I am.  Terrible thing this dabbling.  Trying to put your hand in too many pots.  Trying to do all the things.  I'm the kind of dabbler that is never happy with what I am doing, what I have or what I want to do.  I get the itch.  The itch of change.  
I gotta learn how to stop scratching the itch.  I scratched it a bit this morning and changed the whole look of the blog.  I have left this place dormant while I've been busy being a mum, a wife and a colleague. I missed it.  A lot.  
So, I thought that I would give the Splendid Things a bit of a face lift.  A bit of sparkle, cause isn't that what being Splendid is all about?

Hope you like the change and I promise to be here more often. 

Love the Dabbler, Lil xx

P.S - a grainy image of my dirty carpet and the Bug being.............well the Bug!

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