Coming back down to Earth!

I never know how to start things like this. So.....I just got married to my best friend, had the most amazing heartfelt wedding and a fabulous, relaxing honeymoon. But now sitting here, thinking about the most wonderful 4 weeks of our lives it truly is hard to come back down to earth! I go back to work tomorrow, My husband is at work now.... I know we have to, but I really don't want to break the bubble. But to be honest, I am more excited about what lies ahead, than what has been. I can't wait to buy our first home, have our first baby, have our first family holiday the list goes on. I guess I decided that I wanted to share this amazing time with others, and to document our first year. Although we have already had more than 8 together. We don't have our professional pics yet but I will post some of the photos taken by our friends and family.

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