Honeymoon recap

I finally got around to loading up the 500 or so photos I took of on our honeymoon which was..um.. nearly two months ago! So thought I would share a few of the best :) There are a lot of photos of hubby and I sitting around at the resort, and hubby losing his patience quite quickly with the amount of photos I was taking of him sitting in said chairs. Regardless of annoying wife taking so many photos we had the BEST time. It was our second time to Fiji and I enjoyed relaxing, meeting the locals and drinking copious amounts of ginger ale (can't drink on current medication :( ) Most of all though, it was just fabulous to spend time with Ross (hubby) without the distraction of work, daily life and wedding stuff getting in the way. Although we don't know quite what to do with ourselves after the wedding, too many creative juices flowing now, and no where for them to flow into.....I am currently working on this though....will keep posted!
So here is our honeymoon! Enjoy............Oh by the way........I really adore this man xxxx

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