Last Weekend.....Part 2

Wasn't Sunday just glorious!!!  And as my love was at work :( I took my new love (also known as Gus) down to Austimer Beach with some of our friends.  We enjoyed salad rolls (how good are they!!) Chicken Chips and Chocolate.  Sometimes simple is best.  Angus met his new favourite playmate, Justice.  The absolutely beautiful daughter of our dear friends BJ and Adrian.  Justice had a lot of fun trying to take Gus's dummy and trying to hold his hand.  They are way too cute together!

Hahahaha! Justice's Bib 'Spit Happens' :)

It was so great to just relax with friends and soak up the shiny spring sunshine.  Must do it again soon.
P.S - My little man is just adorable don't you think.....I certainly do!

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