Our Nation's Capital

On the overcast, slightly chilly morning that was Sunday in Canberra, after way too much buffet breakfast at the hotel, We drove up to visit Parliament House.  I haven't been there since I was in Yr 10 (1997 for those trying to count back), Astrid went when she was 7, and Ross and the Gusbug had never been.

After being in Old Parliament House the night before, it was interesting to see the difference between the old and the new.
We visited the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Remembered all of our Old Prime Ministers whose portraits hang on the walls.  Had Coffee (a must, as always) and then took way too many photos.....

Canberra is a beautiful city, and We can't wait to explore it again soon. (Hello does anyone remember Questacon from school excursions!) Maybe next time Julia will have coffee with us honey:) 

Love Lil xx  

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