What Angus is reading.......

What Angus is reading.......

Well, technically I'm reading them to him....but the Gusbug LOVES his books!!! And I love this fact because I have always, always been a book worm.  He has received so many books from family and friends and it is so great to sit with him and watch him pour over the colourful illustrations as I read him the stories I heard and then read so often when I was little.  I hope his love for books continue, then we can be nerdy book worms together!!

And this is my book wish list for Gus.....THIS IS.
I saw a couple of these covers on Pinterest and I fell in love.  As I have said before on the blog, I am a sucker for vintage illustrations....but these books by Miroslav Sasek take the CAKE!! And they are informative. Oh and the 'This is Australia' was written in the early 70s and I am dying to see vintage illustrations of a 1970s Oz.  These are my top 6 Sasek picks.  I'm ordering them ASAP.

You can buy all 'This is' books 1,2,3,4,5,6, here

Do you have a favourite kids book from your childhood?

Love Lil xx

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