Lovin' Basics!

Lovin Basics

As you can tell from the pic above, I have kinda a thing for Black, White and stripes.
My fashion sensibilities have changed somewhat after becoming a mumma, and I guess since I'm getting older too. (32 at the end of the year! I know! How will I cope?)

I used to be a total trend fiend! Jumping from one to the next like it was going out of fashion (Ha!)  But then my body changed a bit, and I just don't think that a nearly 32 year old can pull off neon shorty shorts and a crop top!

I'm all about the basics these days.  A good stripe, a good cut and some comfy denim.  I usually pair these with my chucks or a pair of coloured thongs.
The ones above have been my latest purchases.  From Glassons and Cotton On. I couldn't go past the combo of stripes and unarranged letters, and those Jeans, Oh so comfy and under $40! 

Where do you go for your basics? Do you go for Quality over Quantity?

P.S - I get to be a fashion stylist every day for a certain 2 year old anyway!

Love Lil xx

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