I Kinda Have a thing for Pineapples

The love affair started innocently enough......I spotted this little wooden pineapple at my local Vinnies for $3.00.  It was cute and kitch.  I liked it instantly!

A few weeks ago, Ross and I were at Freedom getting Ideas for our little home reno when I spotted the little ceramic summer pineapple for $19.  A friend for my little wooden one? Ross rolled his eyes and shook his head, he knew what was coming.

I have since found a third, large olive green ceramic pineapple from Haven and Space in Berry.  So my trio is now complete.  But my obsession is not.

pineapple love


The pineapple is everywhere this summer, and I can't get enough of the spiky fruit!

Have you ever become slightly attached to a certain object, or trend?

Love Lil xx

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